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Eternal Beauty by TNG

Retention Duo

Retention Duo

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Best of both worlds. Step your retention game up with both the Athena adhesive and Harmonia bonder.

Athena adhesive: 

.5-1 second dry time 

Humidity 45%-60%

Below 45% will result in slower dry time

Above 60% will result in quicker dry time

6-8 week retention 

Thin viscosity 

Low fumes 

Room temp 65 F - 75 F

Can be used for Classic, Volume, Mega & Pro-Made Fans!


Harmonia Bonder:

Our Harmonia Bonder instantly locks in adhesive fumes and enhances retention with the fastest curing time. This product is amazing for all clients especially sensitive clients due to the fact that it seals in excess fumes within the base where our bonder is applied. 
Wait 3 mins after application, put 2-3 drops of Harmonia on your microfiber brush. Wipe at the bases of the extension only, do not use on client’s skin.
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